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What is Blog

A blog (a blend of the words weblog and journal) is a popular type of website where people can express their thoughts and feelings. Blogs are typically maintained by an individual person or small team who writes frequently about items of interest and publishes them on web pages (typically under a Creative Commons license allowing anyone to reuse them for free). Blogs are often personal in nature and cover topics ranging from personal life events and experiences, to political views, to technology developments. Most blogs have some sort of hierarchical structure or organization, usually evolving over time into a series of linked posts arranged in reverse chronological order (“newest first”). 

     Some blogs display entries in reverse chronological order with newest entries displayed at the top while others display them alphabetically. There are many types of blogs and blog software systems that allow users to create, edit, publish, and maintain their own blogs. Blogs may include links to other websites and blogs.

Types of blog 

1. Personal blogs

 Personal blogs are those that have been created for personal use. They can be used for any type of post but are typically about your daily life or interests. People who use these types of blogs often write them as a diary of their day-to-day activities.

 2. Business blogs

 Business blogs are similar to personal blogs except they are used for marketing purposes or business related topics. These blogs usually have more professional content and are written in a way that targets a particular audience. When looking at the different kinds of blogs, keep in mind that some people prefer certain styles over others. It’s always best to choose something that works for you and your situation.

 3. Music blogs

 Music blogs showcase music artists and bands from around the world. Many bloggers create their own music and upload it to share with fans and followers. This is a great way to connect with other passionate musicians. Bloggers may cover news on new releases, live shows, new tours, and interviews with performers.

Blog Platform

1. Blogger

 Blogger is a free blogging platform that can be accessed at www.blogger.com. You can start your own blog immediately without any technical knowledge. A user-friendly interface gives you easy access to everything including blogs, forums, widgets, and RSS feeds. To make money from your blog, you need to use third party services like Google Adsense.

 2. WordPress

 WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows bloggers to easily create their own websites. Once installed, it works similar to blogger with an added dashboard that makes setting up posts simple. There are many plugins that add additional features to wordpress.

 3. Medium

 Medium is a website where users publish articles and blogs. Unlike other social media platforms, Medium does not allow its users to post videos. However, they do have an option for publishing audio and visual files.

Benefits of blogging

1. You can share your thoughts with total strangers from all over the world.

 2. You get instant feedback!

 3. Every comment helps me improve my content and make it better for others 🙂

 4. I love to hear back from people about what I write!

 5. It’s free advertising 🙂

1. You get free promotion! Blogging is great way to promote your business online without paying anything. Just like any other social media platform, only difference is that here people are coming directly to your website. As long as you have quality content, this is what attracts traffic, and eventually leads to sales and profits.

 2. You can build relationships and network with potential clients. This is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. Once you start getting some followers and subscribers, those people will start trusting your opinion and ideas over others. And thus you create trust among your followers and they will eventually become potential customers for your business.

 3. You can build brand awareness. Many companies do not realize how much exposure their company can receive through blogging. By increasing the number of blogs on your website and creating meaningful content, you can gain millions of visitors who will discover your site. And once they discover your site, they will definitely come back to find out more about your business. Eventually, this creates brand recognition and name recognition.

 4. You get to share information. There are many benefits to blogging, but one of the biggest ones is sharing knowledge. By posting helpful articles about your industry, you give your readers valuable tips and tricks they can use for success. In addition to that, you can help them understand the basics of your industry.

 5. You can save time. Instead of trying to search for high-quality information, let Google do it for you. People often overlook the fact that Google gives you access to tons of resources right at your fingertips. All you have to do is type whatever you want into the search bar and voila! You have instant access to relevant content. You don’t need to spend hours looking for articles that are actually beneficial to you.

 6. You can help yourself stay updated. If you’re interested in staying current on trending topics within the world of technology, then learning from blogs is highly recommended. Most bloggers provide useful insights about various aspects of technology, ranging from mobile apps to gadgets. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, you should still read these posts because they contain a wealth of information.

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